Mayra Lamboglia has been our attorney in Panama for the last 12 years. We have always felt safe and secure in her good and capable hands. She has helped us with everything from wills, powers of attorney, corporation maintenance, selling real estate, acquiring cedulas to becoming a citizen. She stays on top of all processes and is current on all government requirements. She keeps us well informed.  Mayra is ever patient and cheerful. She works carefully so that nothing has to be redone.  If there is a solution to a problem, she will find it. All of Mayra’s associates are also able to answer questions and provide help promptly when needed. She is the best attorney we have ever had the pleasure of working with in any country.

Stephanie and Tom

We want to express our deepest gratitude and satisfaction to Ms Lamboglia and associates of her office. Thanks to their affords, high organizational skills and hard work we were able to complete FNV immigration process without any setbacks. Even in the challenging Covid-19 times! Ms Lamboglias knowledge and patience + Marianas sparkling personality +Anthonys ability to multi-task = positive results. 

Information and advice provided was always up to date, instructions and guidance on point, charges and fees fair and transparent.  We would, without hesitation, recommend services of Ms Lamboglia and her team to anyone seeking legal help in Panama and are continuing being clients ourselves. 

Alex and Natalie

Marianna Ruzzi’s services as a lawyer are the best I have experienced so far, her kind attention, excellent communication and quick response are what stand out the most. I will definitely continue working with her for future immigration procedures.

Carlos Franco

After Mayra and her family did our immigration and visas so smoothly, we have returned several times over the years for other issues. Mayra is a wealth of knowledge and is always happy to explain everything throughly and clearly. She will help you avoid pitfalls before you know they exist. Mayra is the one who pointed out how important a Medical Power of Attorney is in Panamá. She handles everything quickly and we know it is done correctly. She is scrupulously honest. We have referred many friends to her firm, and all have told us how grateful they are for our recommendation. 

Cheryl and Richard S

We hired Mayra Lamboglia in May 2021 for the Panamanian Pensionado Visa application. Right from the consultation, it was obvious that Mayra had expertise with regards to the Visa application process and was well versed. For example, she explained the difference in Visa types and processes. As well, it seemed like she truly cared and was trustworthy. For example, she asked us several questions to ensure that we could meet the criteria before suggesting that we apply for the Visa. Throughout the whole Visa application process, Mrs. Lamboglia provided an expertise service and was prompt, supportive, and courteous.

We were provided with a thorough questionnaires, required documents, and guided us throughout the process. Anytime we voiced any concerns, Mayra promptly replied and her emails were always reassuring and positive, yet realistic never providing false hope or information. Mayra provided us with a very well organized and comprehensive process. 

We totally enjoyed working with Mayra and could not even imagine using a different lawyer for the Pensionado Visa process. We will definitely hire Mayra for any legal services.  She’s awesome and amazing!  

Stephanie and Tracy W.,

«I didn’t know what to expect when I reached out to Mayra for help with a variety of legal questions. As it turned out, I was very happy with the level of organization and professionalism I experienced.  Mayra and her team were super helpful in sorting out everything we needed. I am comfortable recommending Mayra to anyone looking for help with a visa, a corporation, or other legal issues. And I’m looking forward to using her in the future!»

Andrew B.

In today’s world it can be difficult and scary to know who you can trust and rely on to assist you with legal services, especially when you are seeking help in another country.  Mayra Lamboglia de Ruzzi, Marianna and their team came highly recommended in multiple Facebook groups for expats, but even then you just don’t know who to trust, so I proceeded with caution.  I’ve spent thousands of dollars on both good and bad legal counsel throughout my life so I’ve learned to look for key qualities for a great experience with attorneys before and after paying a retainer:  1) Communication, 2) Empathy, 3) Efficiency, 4) Expertise & 5) Customer Care.  
My Spanish is also very rusty so I wanted to make sure that the law firm I chose to work with communicated with me clearly in English and was patient with me learning the cultural differences.  Before visiting Panama they did a great job providing step by step instructions on what I needed to do before arriving and we got those things done efficiently.  
When I went to their office, they greeted me cheerfully to explain the next steps and to my delight provided a video explaining EXACTLY what to expect and how to prepare for a visit to a busy government agency to meet their expeditor.  I looked at it as a new adventure and to my delight their expeditor met me on time and walked me through the entire process so smoothly that I got out earlier than expected!  
Every step of the way, they told me what to expect and prepared me for any delays and changes in the law.  When it came time for me to leave, I felt peace of mind and relief knowing that I made a great choice with the Lamboglia’s!  I highly recommend them based on my experience and that of others.  You’re in good hands working with them.
Marlene G

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